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Fortnums Resturant Sassafras

Lunch Menu

Pumpkin Soup

Homemade pumpkin soup with a hint of ginger and garlic, served with
fresh crusty bread

Vegetarian Style Hot Potato

Enjoy our vegetarian Hot Potato served with sautéed capsicums, onions, sundried tomatoes,
sour cream, herb butter and cheese (Gluten Free)

Chicken Bacon and Avocado Open Sandwich

Sliced chicken breast on crusty bread topped with bacon and our own avocado dressing accompanied
with a fresh salad

Sensational Hot Potato

Fresh baked and filled with a dash of herb butter, sour cream, and our special mince topped
with cheese accompanied by a fresh side salad

Roast Beef

Tender slices of hot roast beef served with roast potatoes, vegetables, a thick
gravy and our special chutney on the side


A good old fashioned favourite served with thick gravy, roast potatoes, vegetables
and our tasty homemade relish on the side


Beef Burgundy Pot Pie

Tender beef and vegetables in a hearty red wine sauce, served in a crock pot with a pastry top and
accompanied by chunky cut wedges and a side salad

Chicken, Leek and mushroom Pot Pie

Served with sweet potato crisps and a side salad


Grilled Crusty Slices

An open toasted sandwich of fresh crusty bread topped with your choice of three (3) fillings
Ham, chicken, tomato, asparagus, mushrooms, pineapple, cheese, red onion, chutney,
mayonnaise, sundried tomatoes (extra selections $1.00 per filling)

Smoked Salmon on Cheesy Potato Pancakes

Served with a fresh side salad and horseradish cream

Chicken Parmigana

A succulent crumbed chicken breast is topped with Napoli sauce, ham and
cheese then served with your choice of seasonal vegetables and roast potatoes
or a fresh salad with homemade potato wedges

Chickpea and Vegetable Satay Curry

A mild vegetarian curry served with quinoa and brown rice (vegan)


Fisherman's Lunch

An assortment of Seafood, featuring crumbed Blue Grenadier,
Barramundi, Samurai Prawns, Panko Crumbed Calamari, hand cut
chunky wedges accompanied by a side salad

Ploughman's Lunch

Your own specially baked mini loaf accompanied by a selection of fine cheeses,
sliced chicken breast, honey ham, homemade relish, pickled onion, sun dried
tomatoes, kalamata olives and a side salad


Chunky homemade Potato Wedges  

Herb and Garlic Bread


Chefs Specials also available

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Restaurant Hours

Monday 11:30am - 4pm

Tuesday - Friday 11:00am - 4pm

Saturday 11am - 5pm

Sunday 11:30am - 5pm

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