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Fortnums Take Away / Take Home Menu

Soup Pot with a Sourdough Roll (GF on request) (V) 12.00
Pumpkin Soup - The perfect comfort soup with a hint of ginger and garlic
Cauliflower Soup - Creamy soup served with shaved parmesan

Chicken, Bacon and Avocado Open Sandwich 16.00
Sliced free range chicken breast on toasted sourdough with crispy
bacon, our own avocado dressing and a fresh salad

Beef Burgundy Pot Pie 18.00
Tender beef and vegetables in a hearty red wine sauce, served with
a pastry top, accompanied by steakhouse chips

Pulled Pork Burger 18.00
Asian-inspired slow cooked pork in a Brioche bun with coleslaw
served with steak house chips and garlic aioli

Sensational Hot Potato 16.00
A hot potato classic filled with our rich beef mince, herb and garlic
butter, tasty cheese, sour cream and coleslaw (GF)

Vegetarian Hot Potato 16.00
Enjoy our vegetarian hot potato served with a sautéed Mediterranean
vegetable medley, sour cream, herb & garlic butter, and cheese (GF)

Fish & Chips 18.00
Two pieces of Barramundi filets and hand cut chips served with
tartare and tomato sauce   

Crunchy Steak House Chips 9.00
French Fries 7.00

Devonshire Scones (drinks not included) 10.50
Two traditional scones served warm with double whipped cream and
our famous house made mixed berry jam.

Sticky Date Pudding 10.50
A light style date pudding baked and served with a hot butterscotch sauce
topped with fresh cream

Date Scones (drinks not included) 10.50
Two old-fashioned date and honey scones served warm with butter

Coffee by Vittoria 4.00
Chai Latte, Hot Chocolate, Mocha 4.80
Soy, Lactose Free and Decaf available - extra 80c
Large - extra 1.00

Tea made with brewed Tea Leaves 4.50
English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Lemon Tang, Peppermint

Milk Shake Chocolate / Strawberry / Vanilla / Banana / Caramel / Blue Heaven / Pineapple 7.50

Coca-Cola, Diet Coke - 285ml Classics 5.00

Sparkling Mineral Water - Santa Vittoria 250ml 5.00       

Yellowglen PINK Piccolo 200ml 9.00
Lindemans 'Henry's Sons' Brut 23.90

Lindemans 'Henry's Sons' Chardonnay 22.90
Miritu Bay 'Marlborough' Sauvignon Blanc - NZ 34.90
Rochford Pinot Gris 2019 - Yarra Valley 38.90

Lindemans 'Henry's Sons' Shiraz Cabernet 22.90
Grant Burge 'Benchmark' Merlot - Barossa Valley 36.90

Coldstream Apple Cider -Yarra Valley 8.00 

Carlton Draught 7.00
Cascade Premium Light 6.00
Crown Lager 8.00
Heineken 8.00
Corona 8.00
Asahi 8.00
White Rabbit - Yarra Valley 8.50            

One Bottle of Wine or 6 pack of beer/cider (max) per order Only - 25% discount on 6 packs

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